What is a purple leaf sand cherry tree?


The purple leaf sand cherry tree is also known as Prunus x cistena and is a shrub or small tree from the Rose family, according to About.com Trees & Shrubs. It is known for its distinct purple foliage.

The purple leaf sand cherry tree is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones of two through eight. It requires full sun or partial sun to grow and reaches seven to 10 feet tall and wide. The April-blooming flowers are white or pink, and the tree has reddish-purple leaves that turn a bronze-green in the fall. A few purplish-black drupes typically appear in July.

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1. Wait until the late spring or early summer when the blooms fade to prune the purple leaf sand cherry. 2. Look for any stems that lack leaves or that have visible evidence of disease
as shortly after blooming as you can- (sign me, "learned the hard way"
Looks like leaf spot disease. Please read this link to get good ideas on how to prevent it from happening next year. http://www.hort.uconn.edu/Ipm/homegrnd/h…. A common reaction
That does look like a lovely big castor-oil plant, Ricinus communis. ; and this one is probably one of the named ornamental cultivars. For example, 'Carmencita Bright Red' has red
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How to Prune a Purple Leaf Sand Cherry Tree
The purple leaf sand cherry, which is also known by the formal name of Prunus cistena, is a cross between the P. cerasifera Atropurpurea and the P. pumila, according to the Backyard Gardener website. It is a tall bush or small tree that reaches between 7... More »
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To prune a purple sand cherry its best to wait until after the spring when flowering occurs. It involves removing dead or damaged branches as well as those that ...
It is important to prune your purple-leaf sand cherry shrub regularly. This helps it to keep it's shape. Prune them when you are transplanting them or before planting ...
There are a variety of fungi and fungal diseases that can affect a weeping cherry tree. Silver leaf fungus makes the leaves turn a silver color. Cherry leaf spot ...
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