Purpose of a Scarecrow?


A scarecrow is a scary looking mannequin that is placed on a pole. It is set up in a field that has crops growing on it. The purpose of a scarecrow is to scare birds away from the crops. Farmers use them so birds won't want to come down and eat their crops or seeds. Scarecrows range in size. They aren't meant to be gruesome, but they must be frightening enough to scare aware birds.
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An object, usually a figure of a person in old clothes, set up to frighten crows
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From my knowledge a scarecrow is made to scare away birds from a garden. The scarecrow is suppose to look like a person in the garden so the bird won't fly down ...
Scarecrows were originally used to actually scare the crows away from farmer's crops. Today, scarecrows serve more of a traditional purpose rather than a functional ...
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