What is the purpose of a ball joint?


The purpose of a ball joint is to act as a pivot in the same way the ball joint in a person's hip does. Ball joints work with the suspension to allow the car to navigate the road smoothly. Without them you would have a very bumpy ride.
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On vehicles, the ball joint(s) connect the steering spindles or struts to the control arms and allow for limited horizontal and vertical movement of the spindles/struts, as well as
Made of extra tough steel, ball joints act as the pivot point between
Function. CV, or constant velocity, joints are an essential component of front-wheel-drive cars. They are built into the front axle of cars and, on occasion, can be found on rear
1 Prep the work area. Park on a flat surface and block both rear wheels, front and back. Jack both front wheels off the ground and support the vehicle with jack stands. Chock the
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