What are pus cells?


Pus cells are also known as white blood cells. If the result of your urine test is 1-2 white blood cells per hpf or high power field, it is well within the normal range found in urine. A reading of 5-10 WBCs/hpf is still considered normal.
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You can take Cantharis 30 1drop every 2 hour interval along with plenty of water.
-Pus in urine means there is a urinary tract infection which he is already diagnosed for and the number indicates the severity of the infection. Yes it is harmful if you don't do
his motions dont seem much a problem to me except that he might require an antibiotic course. Leaking some water with cough etc isnt abnormal at this age. if the reducing substances
A pus cell is a pus corpuscle: one of the polymorphonuclear leukocytes that comprise the chief
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