How do you put someone's face in another picture?


There are numerous ways to put your face on another picture. The best way is to use image manipulating software like Adobe Photoshop. Make use of the clone tool and paint your face over the desired location or other face. Use blur tools to clean up the edges and make it look more natural.
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1. Download and install GIMP (please see the Resources section) Open the free program when installation is complete. 2. Click the "File" button, which is at the top of the
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IF you use Microsoft paint, open your 1st image, in a new Microsoft paint window open a second. in window 2 choose "Edit" in the top menu and "select all" then
Yes ma'am I'd explain but it's soooo hard to explain, I know thats isn't much help but at least you have your answer! Source(s): I've done it
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