How to Put My Face on Someone Else's Body in a Photograph?


There are many ways to put your face on someone else's body in a photo. There are many free image modification applications you can find. Some that cost money have more features, like Adobe Photoshop.
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1. Double-click on the icon of Photoscape to launch the program. Click on the "File" button and select "Open File. Choose a picture of your face or your face and body
I would like to know lol.
Like mine? <<<< You have to look really, really closely. I just cut it out in Windows paint and pasted it over Xena's face. You can see it better on my 360 page but I
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There are a number of drawing computer program that let a person put your face on someone else. A popular software program that can do just that is Photoshop. ...
Website such as gives you a platform through ...
JibJab offers users the chance to put their face on a dancing body or star in a video for fun. Faces can be put on special characters from movies or sports figures ...
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