Pyrilamine Maleate?


Pyrilamine Maleate is a type of drug that has antihistamine properties. It is typically found in medicines that are used to treat symptoms of the common cold and premenstrual tension. It is also known as Mepyramine and is known to cause drowsiness.
Q&A Related to "Pyrilamine Maleate?"
Pyrilamine is a medication that is used in the treatment of many different allergies. Some of the side effects that come from taking an antihistamines include: drowsiness, and sedation
It is an antihistimine. However, it's listed as adiuretic in several OTC pms medications.
Not Medical Advice: Pyrilamine maleate is an antihistamine used in veterinary medicine to reduce/help prevent histamine mediated adverse effects in animals. report this answer. Updated
Pyrilamine maleate is a first-generation anti-histamine (H1) which exhibits sedative, anticholinergic, and local anesthetic activity. Basically, it reduced pain by decreasing inflammatory
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