What is the typical job description for someone working in quality assurance?


Quality Assurance job descriptions vary by industry. Quality Assurance is often in charge of making sure that the quality of the product is up to the standards and the guidelines of the company.
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An ITQA performs various detailed tests on software, documenting any glitches or bugs that may be found. Additionally, these individuals may recommend solutions to any problems found
Here is the job description I have for a quality assurance representative (which we call a "QA Specialist" Hope it helps! Quality Assurance Specialist. Participates in design
I would try LinkedIn. There are several groups dedicated to Quality Assurance. Check which ones allow for job postings.
do u have a future shop or best buy where u live? get a job there first, get more experience. go to gaming conventions etc. eventually someone'll pick u up.
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What Is the Job Description for IT Quality Assurance?
Information technology (IT) quality assurance (QA) professionals, also known as software quality assurance analysts or technicians, test new and updated computer software to ensure that it functions properly and maintains an ease of use.... More »
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The job description for IT Quality Assurance or Information Technology Quality Assurance calls for a software professional. The duties involve testing software products and making sure they are up to date and performing properly. You also test new products and make sure they are consumer friendly and meet the high standards set by the company.
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