What is the value of a Queen Victoria one-penny coin?


The value of a Queen Victoria 1 penny coin depends on several factors. Coin collectors look at the era when it was minted and the classification of the coin. Rare coins are also valued more compared to those that are more common.
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1892 was not Queen Victoria's Jubilee year. 1887 was Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year (50 years) The only relevance of the term Jubilee is that most gold and silver coins minted
Victoria took a keen interest in then-improving relations between France
Hi Thomas, Is this a gold coin? There are no "double sovereign" coins... the closest thing is a 2 pounds gold coin, which was made in 1887 and 1893, but not in 1889. I believe
It will depend on the original value: farthing (a quarter of a penny) half-penny or penny. The lower values may be worth less because they were widely used (buying things was very
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