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Many teachers use questions of the day as a way to get kids thinking when they first enter the classroom in the morning. Some teachers will give prizes to students that can correctly answer the question of the day. An example of a question of the day is why is salt used to melt ice? Questions of the day could be math, science, social studies, or language arts related. In some cases the question of the day may be random trivia as well.
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Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 in over 100 countries. It's the biggest environment event worldwide and has a 40-year history. Earth Day is all about celebrating the earth and
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1. Ask your parent/guardian to keep your siblings out of your room as you will be spending your day alone, so they don't ruin your day, or find a time when no one is at the house
The kids are the same. It's the world they are growing up in that
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