Questionnaire on Consumer Awareness?


You can make a questionnaire on consumer awareness by carefully considering the questions you need to ask. Think about your target market and what you really need to know. Make it objective, with no leading questions, and most commonly, there should be multiple choice boxes for an honest opinion.
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QUESTIONNAIRE. General Question- 1. Name- 2. Address- 3. Telephone no. 4.Size of the family- 5.Income- 6.Age-15-18] [18-25] [25-35] [35+ Product name- Awareness Related Quetion- 1
Make sure you pick common, very common household goods.
1. Decide whom you want to target about your product or public service announcement. Determine which advertising medium or methods you can use to reach your target audience. Have
--> --> --> --> --> Plot Decisions: How to Be an Aware Consumer is an instructional video for teenagers on the rights and responsibilities of being a consumer. The
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Consumer awareness is the practice where consumers are aware of what they are buying. This relates to price, benefits of products, potential scams, and other alternatives ...
Consumer awareness is the understanding and knowledge that a buyer should have of his rights as a customer. The awareness is very important for the buyer since ...
Consumer awareness is a marketing term. It is used to make the customer aware regarding the item that they are buying. The need of customer awareness is that, ...
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