How to Interview a Pastoral Candidate?


Questions for pastoral candidate should not be leading questions, to interview the candidate; form a committee. Ask for qualifications and experience relating to the field, informs the candidate the expected salary, review the candidate's education. After the initial interview, let the student know when to hear back. Finally make the arrangement to hire the candidate or move to the next prospect.
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1. Form a committee to interview the candidates. The committee can be made of the deacons or elders, members from the church, other pastors in the church, or a mixture of all of these
Ask the hiring manager "Why do you enjoy working for this organization?" Or "Given the current economic conditions, what are your projections for the organization
I cannot speak for all denominations, but having been accepted for ordination training 18 months ago in the Anglican Church, I can perhaps give you some idea. First and foremost there
I would ask him why a compassionate God allows humanity to suffer.
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