What are the best questions to ask when hiring a nanny?


When interviewing a nanny, you want to ask her specifics about her background, job expectations and personality. You must avoid questions that are unlawful to ask, like her age, sexual orientation, and religious views. Although it is an important question, Care.com warns that it is unlawful to ask if she has been arrested in the past.

According to the Baby Center, questions to ask regarding her background include: the length of her job history as a nanny, ages of the children she has cared for, if she is certified in CPR or if she is willing to become certified, what she liked and disliked about her past jobs, and if she is seeking long-term employment.

Questions to ask regarding her job expectations include how many kids she can care for at one time, if she typically cooks and cleans for the children, if she is willing to help with household duties as needed and what tasks she prefers not to do. Verify that her schedule is flexible enough to change according to the household schedule.

The About.com job search section suggests questions to ask regarding her personality. They include how she handles negative or difficult situations, how she handles the task of discipline, and if she is comfortable following a child's schedule and changing it when necessary.

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Questions to Ask a Nanny
Leaving your child with a stranger can be trying, but getting to know a person before hiring him or her as your nanny can provide some ease. According to Family Education, "Pre-employment questions are low-tech, easy tests you can perform when screening... More »
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