Questions to Ask a Politician?


Questions to ask a politician may include the most obvious, 'Whey did you go into politics?' Other questions to ask a politician would be how has their success rate been in their endeavors and how long he or she has been on politics.
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Why did you enter politics? How do you satisfy that goal/hope/desire? How have you succeeded or failed in these endeavors? If you failed, what could you have done differently? If
Eric Cantor: House Majority Leader (1 question, 3 answers) Cory Booker: Mayor of Newark (1 question, 7 answers) Todd Park: US CTO (1 answer) Karen Bass: Californian Congresswoman
1. Take your time to respond. Allow yourself sufficient time to think before you respond to the question. Even if you have to, pause for several seconds. By doing so, you appear to
You could ask a politician about their views on global warming,
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Who am I game questions would include am I dead, am I alive, am I man, and/or am I women. You could also ask do I sing, did I write a book, or am I politician. ...
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