Questions To Ask A Principal?


As of the year 2013, there are eight questions to ask a principal before beginning RTL in your school. Some of the questions answer what is currently in place in our school that could be assimilated into the model, what data tells us about the students in our school, and if the principal is willing to take the stand to support the changes needed for full implementation. Another important question to ask is what criteria as principal do they use to evaluate the core curriculum.
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Though some questions may be more difficult to ask than others, it is almost always easiest to just ask the question directly. You may be surprised by the answer!
1. Schedule an appointment with your principal's secretary. Recognize that your principal is a busy professional with a lot going on, just like you, and it's better to make a time
"What does RSVP stand for?" is the most commonly asked question involving the RSVP cards that often appear in invitations to events. While this FAQ tackles that subject,
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Some questions to ask a principal are:
1. Why are you interested in this position?
2. Tell us a little about your related experience.
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