Questions to Ask a Stranger?


A fun way to get to know new people is by asking questions to a stranger. You may want to ask them deep personal questions or more trivial questions that get the conversation rolling. You may want to know where they grew up or what their childhood was like. A fun thing to know about someone is what movie they wish they were the main character in. It may also be interesting to talk about where you would go if you could go anywhere in the world.
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It's not my opening question for interviews but I like to ask people what they are passionate about. It's wide open. It could be an experience, a person, a food, a time of their lives
1. Relax. Although they may look like they're walking on air, take time to just relax. This person, while amazing to you, is only a person. They get nervous same as you so don't feel
When you are asking a question you need to be sure that the question is open ended. That means that you will allow some sort of response to your question. Your question may start
1 There's nothing more easy than having eye contact with the stranger. Try to have some eye contact with the stranger. It's most likely that if you do this, you'll get the stranger's
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An interesting question that a stranger will be comfortable answering may be something like, 'What is the most interesting place you have visited?' or, 'What is ...
Asking questions of people in order to get to know them better can be difficult if you're a stranger. Try to open communication with something you can observe ...
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