What are some good questions to ask when looking at a house?


You can ask the agent several questions when looking at a house to make sure that you receive a good deal. For one, always ask why the previous owner is selling it. The answer to this question will give you some subtle clue on the condition of the house without directly inquiring about it.
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When considering what to look for when buying a house, many people focus on the price, but plenty of other factors should go into the decision. Location, the size of the house and
You should probably ask about the service, but also look around and see how the people look. Some Senior Housings can look good, but treat the people bad.
1. HOW DO YOU PLAN TO PREPARE THE SURFACE FOR PAINTING? Proper prep work is the key to a long-lasting paint job. Make sure your contractor has a clear plan for washing, scraping,
Having recently bought in Cape Town (also a first-time buyer) I found the house-hunting quite stressful. Be bold, there are a lot of questions you can ask an agent when viewing or
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Questions to Ask When Looking at a House to Buy
Buying a house can be a daunting task and a huge investment. Many home shoppers unfortunately enter into the buying process without sufficiently inquiring about the house they're thinking of purchasing. The location of a house as well as its material... More »
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