How to Ask a Friend a Question?


There are different ways to ask a friend a question. The way you ask a friend a question can sometimes depend on the type of question you would like to ask. If you would like to ask a serious question, think of considerate ways of saying something that may otherwise be too harsh or straight forward. It is up to you how to ask your friend a question. You can ask them a question in an urgent tone, in a laid back manner, or in a straight-forward way. Before asking any questions, you may want to consider giving some background details leading up to the question. For example, if you are asking a friend to go to the movies with you, before asking, mention the movie that you want to see, why, when and where, then ask the question. This method can be used for serious types of questions as well. For example, if you want to ask your friend why they have treating you poorly lately, you may want to lead up to the question by saying 'lately I feel like you have....etc.'
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Questions to ask your best friend are what their five year plan is, if they have a crush on anyone, and what they could use help with. Best friends usually know pretty much everything about each other, but sometimes relationships can get one sided during bad times. Its always good to take time to ask questions to make the other person feel valued and that they are not just the listener in the best friend relationship.
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