Questions to Get to Know Someone Better?


Questions to Get to Know Someone Better may include the favorites such as their favorite holiday, hobby, song on the I-pod, time of day. Then one may move on to the Ifs such as what food they would want to it if they had to choose, an age they would like to stay at forever, if they would change their names. Then the personals such as fondest memory, hardest thing they've ever done, things they miss about their childhoods.
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If you'd like to get to know someone better, the best way is by conversing with them either in person or by correspondence. Don't be too pushy about wanting to know things about someone
If you are trying to build stronger work relationships with your employers, spending your time espousing your views until their eyes glaze over is not the way to do it. The key is
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1. Be prettier. Girls, this means hair, makeup, nails, and all the good stuff. Have NO acne. This means wash your face everyday, every night, every morning, anytime you get sweaty
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There are more than a 100 questions you can ask to know someone better and they include typical questions like 'What's your name?'. However, these are quite big ...
Some questions to ask someone to get to know them better can include, 'What are your favorite movies?' and 'What is your favorite color?'. You can also ask someone ...
Most people are a product of their past so asking questions about someones childhood, education, and work history are a great way to get to know them. Its also ...
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