What Are Ways to Lighten Skin?


Among the quickest but simplest ways to lighten skin is by using whitening products that contain chemical substances known to lessen the concentration of melanin. These whitening substances can be hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C, and cinnamomum subavenium.
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Using sunscreen, exfoliating, taking vitamin C supplements, and prescription
theres this thing called "whitening lotion." if you use it for a certain time, your skin will be lighter. I got it in the philippines, so i dono if you would be able to
Beginning at the bottom of the "paunch" and make a small incision into the body cavity.
Red is caused by many things, some internal medical, some skin related. You need to see a doctor first, then they may prescribe treatment or refer you to a dermatologist. . .
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Quickest Way to Lighten Skin
The quickest and best way to lighten skin is through a facial peel, which can be done by a dermatologist, an aesthetician or at home. Use a citric acid facial peel to lighten and brighten the skin with beauty advice from a certified aesthetician in this... More »
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A dermatologist can prescribe products to lighten skin. Drug stores also sell products for that purpose that contain an ingredient called hydroquinone.
Staying out of the sun is the quickest way to lighten skin. Sun brings the pigmentation of the skin to the surface and the only way to reduce the natural reaction is to avoid the sunshine. This will cause the skin to grow lighter but also drastically affects mood and health since the vitamins from the sun are crucial to human development and happiness. Regularly buffing skin can also cause the skin to appear lighter and fresh.
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