Quote Rich Get Richer Poor Get Poorer?


The poor arenbecoming poorer and the rich are getting richer because the rich can easilynacquire assets to expand more profits. On the other hand, the poor have no ornvery small resources or assets to start a business in order to gain profits.
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Because the river runs to the sea. In other words money makes money. So if you have it you can make more (by investing) If you have none then .
The short answer is, we don't know. But there are two popular stories. One is a right-wing popular story which says it's not happening and that it's all politically motivated. Much
The question is based on a false premise spread by Leftist politicians. People who let their money work for them do get richer. People who have poor educations and work ethics get
What are the grounds for the lawsuit? The poor tend to make impoverishing decisions and take impoverishing actions, while the rich save, invest and make decisions which protect and
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