How do you show appreciation and thank someone?


You can thank someone by giving a gift, according to the website Tiny Buddha. Another way to show appreciation is doing an activity with that person that you would otherwise not enjoy doing.

Zen Family Habits also adds that a gift is always the most direct method, and it can be a handmade or store-bought gift. A gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop tailors an appreciation gift to that person's preference. Making dinner after a hard day's work is a positive gesture. Taking a friend to her favorite restaurant is also a way of showing thanks. Making a candle-lit dinner exhibits appreciation. Plan an entire day in a person's honor and schedule activities based on her interests and hobbies.

Doing work around that person's house, or grocery shopping, is a good way of returning a favor. Helping with home remodeling also expresses gratitude. If a person is trying to get organized, buying her a book on organization is a good way to help out.

You can also show appreciation by leaving notes commending that person in a positive manner. Zen Family Habits adds that verbal communication works as well. Making comments about a person's abilities and talents displays encouragement and admiration. A most basic gesture is to hug someone or give a handshake.

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