How to Use Quotes?


To use quotes, you must put quotation marks around the quote. When you put the period at the end of the quote, it should be inside the quotation marks. If you are quoting something in a paper, you will need to adhere to the specific requirements of the format the teacher has assigned. Most of these require you creating a bibliography showing the author and origin of the quote.
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There are many quotes about using people and describing the type of person to avoid. Francois duc de la Rochefoucauld is famous for a quote that says roughly that we enjoy pointing out the evil in others because it makes us feel better about our evils. It is important to make sure that relationships are a blessing to both parties so that people do not start to feel like they are being used and not befriended.
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When using quotes in a sentence they must begin with " and end with." That lets the readers know the beginning and end of the quotation.
1. Copy and paste the quote or type it in the message box if it is less than 140 characters. Add an "reply" of the person who said it after the quotation marks or type the
1. Place a quote in your press release that shows the impact your subject matter will have on readers or viewers. The first quote in your press release should appear as near to the
A great resource for finding out the name of a font is
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There are several quotes available online that are about rude people. One example would be a quote from Eric Hoffer. He said that 'Rudeness is the weak man's imitation ...
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