R134a Refrigerant Pressure?


R134a refrigerant pressure is pressure of R134a refrigerant, a liquid used in automotive air conditioning which matches to its temperature. The pressure can be got at any temperature running from 22 to 202 degrees Fahrenheit by reading the value from a pressure temperature chart.
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25 to 36 on the low side 178 to 237 on the high side.
At 178.2 degrees Fahrenheit, R134a's pressure is 380 PSIG. !
HFC-134A replaced an older refrigerant, CFC-12 when CFCs were largely banned from use in 1987. HFC-134A does not damage the ozone layer like its CFC predecessors. Auto air conditioners
depending on the outside temperature on the time you are charging the unit. If it is 25 to 35 degree centigrade you can charge up to 60psig running suction pressure. Better to monitor
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