What are the prices for R-38 insulation?


R38 Insulation prices vary depending on the region and their thickness. The thickness of R's-38 insulation is around 15.3 centimetres for an R-38 fiberglass batt though it may vary depending on the density and the fabric of the item.
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From everything I have seen it would be about 12 inches for conventional fiber glass insulation available from Home Depot or Lowes. Polyiso insulation can give up to r-6 per inch.
At Ace Hardware a batt of Owens Corning(r) R38 Insulation cost $69.99.
1. Multiply the length by the width (or height) of an area to be insulated. For example, if the length of walls to be insulated added up to 40 feet 8 inches and the ceiling was 8
Ask the N J building inspector.I live in California.
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