What are the prices for R-38 insulation?


R38 Insulation prices vary depending on the region and their thickness. The thickness of R's-38 insulation is around 15.3 centimetres for an R-38 fiberglass batt though it may vary depending on the density and the fabric of the item.
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From everything I have seen it would be about 12 inches for conventional fiber glass insulation available from Home Depot or Lowes. Polyiso insulation can give up to r-6 per inch.
At Ace Hardware a batt of Owens Corning(r) R38 Insulation cost $69.99.
Things You'll Need. Calculator. Instructions. Multiply the length by the width (or height) of an area to be insulated. For example, if the length of walls to be insulated added up
Ask the N J building inspector.I live in California.
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