How can you treat a rabbit that is constipated?


Many diseases or health conditions in a rabbit can be treated with natural home remedies. A rabbit can become constipated, which is called wool block. You can help a rabbit that is constipated by feeding them a pumpkin mash.
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One thing that many rabbit breeders use for dirreaha is Oatmeal, beilieve or not it works!
Someone I know told me that a vet told him to give the bunny pineapple but I heard from a vet that it is very bad to do. Don't know by my own experience, only that if bunny is not
Take them to a qualified exotics vet who specialises in rodents for an exam. Constipation can be serious if not treated promptly by an experienced professional. At the appointement,
One of the two major causes of death in rabbits is constipation. You MUST get your rabbit to a vet as soon as possible. So set up your appointment and in the meantime, give it some
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