How can you treat a rabbit that is constipated?


Many diseases or health conditions in a rabbit can be treated with natural home remedies. A rabbit can become constipated, which is called wool block. You can help a rabbit that is constipated by feeding them a pumpkin mash.
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When a rabbit is constipated, that means it is in GI stasis (or will be within a few hours) This is not like humans being constipated. A human can be constipated for days, even weeks
take her to the vet, rabbits can go downhill very quickly. It sounds like the possible beginning of gut stasis, a very common problem which can be avoided fairly cheaply but is expensive
Try home remedies like an over-the counter mineral laxative for the
Dear Tom, Your bunny could be suffering from ileus, which can be life-threatening if not treated aggressively and quickly. Please read the following:
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