How can you treat a rabbit that is constipated?


Many diseases or health conditions in a rabbit can be treated with natural home remedies. A rabbit can become constipated, which is called wool block. You can help a rabbit that is constipated by feeding them a pumpkin mash.
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For rabbit constipation there is a solution but you MUST be careful. Lettuce in large amounts can give rabbits diarrhea which may lead to death. However, if you are careful to give
take her to the vet, rabbits can go downhill very quickly. It sounds like the possible beginning of gut stasis, a very common problem which can be avoided fairly cheaply but is expensive
Try home remedies like an over-the counter mineral laxative for the
Dear Tom, Your bunny could be suffering from ileus, which can be life-threatening if not treated aggressively and quickly. Please read the following:
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