How can you treat a rabbit that is constipated?


Many diseases or health conditions in a rabbit can be treated with natural home remedies. A rabbit can become constipated, which is called wool block. You can help a rabbit that is constipated by feeding them a pumpkin mash.
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One thing that many rabbit breeders use for dirreaha is Oatmeal, beilieve or not it works!
Try home remedies like an over-the counter mineral laxative for the
The symptoms are varied, and range from the following : not eating, making noises as if in pain when picked up, and the lack of feces. You can generally tell by observing your rabbit
Someone I know told me that a vet told him to give the bunny pineapple but I heard from a vet that it is very bad to do. Don't know by my own experience, only that if bunny is not
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