How to Cook With a Raclette Grill.?


1. Prepare slices of meat, including sausage and ham, baby potatoes, vegetables of your choice and raclette cheese. If you have trouble finding the often round cheese, opt for Emmentaler, another Swiss cheese. 2. Heat up the electric grill for five
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What Is a Raclette Grill?
Snacks that involve guests in tabletop preparation promote interaction and usually add interest to social gatherings. A raclette grill, which is usually used to make a cheese product, falls into this category of cooking.... More »
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Raclette means scraping. Traditionally, in the Alps, you take a large lump of cheese, put it on a clean stone in front of an open fire. As the cheese melts you scrape of a portion
One can buy a Raclette grill from where they are available for prices between $30 and $140. One can also get them from Walmart, eBay, Target and from Sears.
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