Radio Disney Phone Number?


Radio Disney is a radio network based in California with stations around the country. Radio Disney's market is primarily aimed at children and pre to early teens. Radio Disney's call-in line for requests and contests is 1-877-870-5678.
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The number for Radio Disney in Portland OR is (503) 228-4322.
The number for Radio Disney is 888-327-7018. This is a toll free number. Have a great time requesting!
1. Pull out your phone and plug in the headphones if you're using them. Then put them in your ears. Ad. 2. Open your store or where you download apps. 3. Search for Radio Disney.
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Radion Disney's phone number is 1-877-870-5678. This is the number that listeners can call in to talk to the DJ. They can also request songs and win prizes.
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