How Are Radioactive Isotopes Used in Medicine?


In medicine, radioactive isotopes can be used in many different forms of tomography. They produce gamma rays that can allow a person's internal anatomy to be examined. This is beneficial in many stages of diagnosis, research, and treatment of ill individuals.
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They are used for C.A.T. Scans for the Dye that is used when the Scan is being done. The dye is the "Isotopes", which alows the Tech, and the Doctor, to see the area, or
Radioactive isotopes are used in diagnosis as radioactive
A radioactive isotope is an isotope that does not naturally occurs within nature, and is thus typically man-made. The radioactive isotope is caused by a chemical element within its
There are around 3800 radioactive isotopes. At present there are up to 200 radioactive isotopes used on a regular basis, and while some are found in nature, most others have to be
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Radioisotopes are used in nuclear medicine to provide diagnostic information about the functioning of a person's specific organs. Radiotherapy is also used to ...
A radioactive isotope refers to an unstable atom that has the same number of protons as another atom but has a different number of neutrons and gives off nuclear ...
Radioactive isotopes are atoms with an unstable nucleus. The nucleus has excess energy which is available to be transferred to newly-created radiation. ...
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