How to Calculate Rafter Lengths?


To calculate rafter lengths requires one to select the pitch of the roof. Amount the building from the outermost part of the wall to the center of the building. Compute the pitch of the roof as a decimal. Increase this decimal by the overall run to obtain the overall rise. Analyze the length of the rafter using the Pythagorean Theorem, that is the hypotenuse of a right triangle, square root of run squared + rise squared. Compute the length of your rafter overhang using the same method.
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1. Determine the distance from the edge of the building to the midline of the building for gable roofs (building width x 0.5). For shed roofs, use the width of the building. This
Common rafter per foot of run. The common rafter connects the peak of a roof (the
use the 17" on your rafter square.
Hi Rick. If u are making a gable roof, the height of the ridge will be 36' above top plate. 6' up for every foot of run. If u have a framing square, it will give the length of common
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