Raising Crawdads?


Raising crawdads can take a lot of work. First the water temperature to raise crawdad babies must be kept at 80 degrees. Once the female has eggs, transfer her to her own tank, giving her a hiding place. Feed with fish food.When the babies separate from mom, remove mom or she will eat them.
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1. Select the pool size. Crawdads are territorial animals and are cannibalistic under the right circumstances. The pool must be at least 1 foot deep. Purchase a large plastic pool
Crayfish (or crawdads) live in aquariums.They can go extremely long periods of time without eating and they will eat gunk that is stuck to the bottom of the aquarium and live fish
Crawfish live in running fresh water. You can raise them in converted drums, as long as your irrigation system is first rate. Below you'll find a link on crayfish. http://en.wikipedia.org
Crawdads are small, lobster-like crustaceans that can be found in most freshwater sources across the United States.
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