What is the postcode for the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany?


The postcode for the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany is not known to the public. This is due to military security. The city postcode is 66877 for Ramstein - Misenbach.
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(RMS) Ramstein, Germany.
Ramstein now exists for two reasons: it's the headquarters of USAFE, and it's the main transport hub in Germany now that Rhein Main has closed. The whole Kaiserlautern area is very
The distance from Ramstein Germany to Monument
Central European Time is the time zone for Ramstein. Central European Time (the European timezone UTC+1)
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Ramstein is in far western Germany and is part of the Palatinate Forest region. It is the home of NATO air forces across Europe. The Ramstein area is also home to some of Germany's oldest buildings, including a castle that dates back to the 1100s. If... More »
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