Where can you search for inmates of Rankin County Jail?


Rankin County Jail inmates have an inmate locator search database that is easily accessed online. You may also contact the jail for more information. You will need to have some information for the guard to locate the inmate. Some may be first and last name and/or inmate number. Rankin County Jail inmates are located in housing units and normally the method of location is through the above two methods. Utilizing the online database is much quicker and easier than calling the facility.
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You will need to call them or ask the inmate when you talk to him.
The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office is located at 221 North Timber Street in Brandon, MS
1. Contact the Administrative Office for the Emmet County Correctional Facility at 231-347-2036 and inquire whether the individual is in custody at the jail. As of November 2010,
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