Is a 1943 penny rare?


The rare penny of 1943 was the copper penny, which will stick to a magnet. The even more rare 1943 penny is one accidentally cast in bronze.
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One of the most frequently asked questions I get (right behind "How rare are. two-headed coins. ? is "How rare is my 1943 penny? The answer depends on what the 1943 penny
The steal penny is the rarest penny of
$35,000.00 to $81,000.00
The 1943 penny is a wartime penny that was silver colored instead of copper. A person can get twelve to fifteen cents for one that has been circulated and up to fifty cents if the
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A 1943 penny's value depends on several factors. For example, a copper penny from 1943 is extremely rare. A steel 1943 penny is about 10-15 cents. No matter how ...
There were 12 copper pennies minted in 1943. They are exceedingly rare and worth a bundle - up to $112,500. The rest of the 1943 pennies were made from steel. ...
The value of a true 1943 copper penny can range in value from $70,000 to poor condition and $100,000 for perfect condition. There are very few of these pennies ...
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