What are my basketball cards worth?


Rare baseball cards are a collector's dream. The value of a card depends on several things. The condition of the card and the rarity play a big part in determining the value.
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It's a 1993 Topps Michael Jordan misprint/error card. It has his wrong birthdate and on the front it has the wrong position he played. The wrong birthday is1968 which would mean .
Instructions. Look at the expansion set symbol located at the right-hand side of a Magic Card. Each Magic Card falls under an expansion set and is marked with a specific symbol. If
I found it on eBay for $5.00 on 11/7/2007.
1 If you can find someone with a Pokémon card that is rare or "shiny" then trade with them. Make it a fair trade: 2 commons = 1 uncommon, 2 uncommons = 1 rare, 2
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