Rare Chihuahua Colors?


Chihuahuas are small dogs that belong to the toy group and have their origin in Mexico. Rare chihuahua colors range from black, and tan dark gray to a light silver, red, fawn, chocolate and tan, blue or lavender, chocolate. Merle is a color commonly found in Australian .Brindle chihuahua color is the most rare.
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The color combinations in chihuahuas are determined by recessive and dominant genes. The dominant color genes and basis for all chihuahua colors are black, black and tan, chocolate
There is a blueish tint that is fairly
Chihuahua's come in an assortment of colours: fawn, white, black, chocolate, and even lilac. Their coats can be one-tone in overall colour, two-two, brindle, or merle. Lilac is very
Quite often, dark color schemes are chosen by the websites which are showcasing photography (and maybe video) Even Facebook has chosen this for displaying the pictures in the lightbox
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What Are Rare Chihuahua Colors?
The Chihuahuas that pranced into the public eye in movies such as "Legally Blonde" and commercials such as Taco Bell ads have made fawn the color most commonly associated with the tiniest dog breed. The little Chihuahua comes in a big range of colors,... More »
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