What should I know before I start collecting rare pennies as a hobby?


There are many different rare and unusual hobbies that some people enjoy. One of the rarest hobbies is pooktre art, which is the art of shaping tree's. Another rare art related hobby is duct tape art. One other hobby that is quite rare is taphophilia, which is a passion for cemeteries.
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What Curtis said is true. The first book you should buy if you are collecting US coins is "A Guide Book of United States Coins" by R.S. Yeoman. Do not worry so much about
You should have sufficient knowledge concerning the grading of coins. Additionally, it is necessary that you acquire a good catalog on coins that lists the specifics concerning value
yes it has become a rare cos now people are more keen on online surfing than to read books and they get the material too...but reading books will give thorough knowledge than online
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