What could cause a rash between your legs?


According to WebMD, intertrigo is a common rash that develops between the legs and in skin folds of the armpits, toes and breasts. Symptoms of intertrigo include a reddish-brown rash, itching skin, oozing and a foul odor. Intertrigo is often triggered or exacerbated by moisture, heat or skin friction and is common in obese individuals and individuals with diabetes.

MedlinePlus explains that a rash between the legs is a common symptom of tinea corporis, also referred to as ringworm. Tinea corporis is a fungal infection that occurs on body areas such as the face, legs, scalp and arms. The main symptom of tinea corporis is a rash that begins as raised red bumps that gradually form a ring shape. The fungus that causes tinea corporis thrives in moist, warm areas. Individuals who sweat heavily and individuals who do not bathe frequently are at higher risk for infection.

According to Better Medicine, leg rashes can be caused by exposure to irritating substances, allergens, viral infections and varicose veins. It is important for anyone experiencing a leg rash accompanied by shortness of breath, wheezing or swelling of the throat to seek immediate medical assistance, as these are symptoms of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction.

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