How to Repair Scratched Ray-Bans?


To repair scratched Ray-Bans you have a couple of options. The do-it-yourself method is to use etching cream to fill the scratch. However, Ray-Bans are expensive and you may want to consider sending them to the company for repair. The warranty is very limited and doesn't cover scratched lenses, but they will professionally mend them if you have proof of date purchased. There is a processing fee and they charge for repairs.
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1. Replace a lost or missing screw in your Ray-Ban sunglasses with a small piece of wire. Push the earpiece back into place on the sunglasses and gently wiggle a small piece of wire
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Please send the sunglasses with proof of date purchased, postage paid, and insured
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You can replace the lens on your Ray-Ban sunglasses. You will need to contact the company and pay for the replacement lens and labor. You will need proof of purchase ...
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