How to Use Rca Systemlink Code Search?


The RCA SystemLink 3 is a universal remote control whichcan be programmed to control a TV, VCR, and a Cable Box. Mostbuttons on this remote would be very familiar to anyone who hasused a remote control before. The main problem with the inter-face on this remote is its code search capability which is designedto save the consumer time by automatically determining the codefor your devices.
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1. Power on the device - TV, VCR, DVD or cable box - you want to control using the "On/Off" button on the device. 2. Push the "Code Search" button on the control
1. Manually turn on unit power. 2. Press and hold CODE SEARCH until red light is lit. 3. Press the unit you want to program (eg. TV, VCR, DVD) 4. Press ON/OFF until unit turns off
No site lists the Sylvania codes for an RCA Systemlink 3. Sites:
Done - channel scan put the TV back in the correct mode
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