What is an RCA to USB cable?


RCA cables provide users with audio and video signals. RCA cables can be used on televisions and computers. In most RCA cables there are two connections; one to carry the signal and the other to provide the signal grounding. In addition, most RCA cables are used to charge cellular devices. These cables typically include a USB connector on one end. These cables are known as RCA to USB cables. They are relatively easy to find as they are available at most electronic stores.
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1. Purchase a USB cable and RCA MP3 cable or use spare cables that you may have that will fit your RCA device and USB. You can purchase new or used cables on the Internet. 2. Cut
RCA video connections carry analog video signals. USB is a digital communications format and the two cannot be connected directly. To get to a USB format, a USB video card is needed
The many braided wire cables with RCA plugs in red/white, black/white (or any color) are ideal for powered subwoofers. The powered subwoofer has an amplifier built into the cabinet.
1 Turn on a soldering iron. Do this first so it is hot enough when you begin soldering. Make sure the tip of the iron is not touching anything, and that it is safely out of the way
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