What is RDW-CV%?


The RDW-CV% (coefficient of variation of the red cell width) measures the . the abnormality in the RDW-CV% in standard automated blood analyses.
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Red cell distribution wudth.
Well to all the people who are intrested these are hematological parameters that indicate an underlying anemic condition. The normal RBC is spherical and biconcave with a diameter
What should you do? You should go see your doctor again and follow their advice. Do not seek medical help from the internet. There are no simple answers for this, we would need to
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A high RDW-CV is bloodwork results. RDW is an acronym for red cell distribution width. If a patent's RDW comes back at CV then there is a potential for anemia. ...
RDW-SD stands for the standard deviation of the red cell distribution width, while RDW-CV stands for the coefficient variation of the red cell distribution width ...
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