Reactive Bone Marrow Edema?


Marrow is the spongy substance inside bones that supplies the body with new blood cells. Bone marrow edema occurs when excess fluid buildup causes swelling. This edema is said to be reactive when it occurs in response to a change in the body such as injury or inflammation. This condition is not a disease, but rather a protective measure carried out by the body. In order to reduce bone marrow edema, the underlying issue must be diagnosed and treated.
Q&A Related to "Reactive Bone Marrow Edema?"
Bone marrow edema is sometimes associated with bone injuries and disorders. They include fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and tumors. Bone marrow
The term "bone marrow edema, first used in 1988, refers to a build up of fluid (edema) in the bone marrow. Several conditions, including osteoarthritis or fracture, can cause
Reactive bone marrow is a polyclonal bone marrow response meaning that the bone marrow is overproducing one or more cell types as part of the immune response. Edema is swelling caused
Bone marrow edema is fluid within the bone marrow.
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