How to Read Vin Numbers?


You read vin numbers from left to right, just as you read a book. Seriously, the very first digit is what country it was made in. The second digit is to let you know what company made the vehicle. The third digit tells you what is the make of the
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1. Start at zero. Zero sits at the center of a number line. Positive and negative numbers come off of this central starting point. Locate zero on your number line and move from this
1. Read the VIN's first and second characters. Those characters represent the model number. For example, the Tioga M300 would read "M3. 2. Read the third character. The third
1. Interpret the first digit of the VIN as the manufacturing country. W refers to German; 3 means Mexico. 2. Interpret the second digit as the make. V is for VW. 3. Interpret the
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