Can you read text messages online?


Sometimes a person can read texts online. The ability to read text messages online depends on the phone carrier and the services that are provided.

Many cellular service providers offer access to online text messaging that can be read on the receiver's phone. When the receiver replies, it comes up on the sender's phone just like a normal text message. There is usually not a fee for this service. AT&T and Verizon are two of the leading cell phone providers that offer online texting.

If a person wants to find out if their carrier offers the service, they can ask them directly when they sign up or they can go online and check the provider's website. It is important to be careful that there aren't any extra fees for using the service. If it is offered, there will be precise instructions on how to use it, and an explanation of any fees.

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1. Contact your phone company by going to your service provider's website. Write an email to the customer service section explaining why you want read your own text messages online.
Although you can read what numbers you text to online you can not actually read your text messages. You can though text from online to other cell phones.
Answer Plug your cell up to the computor or laptop- I
1. Find out which carrier the recipient uses. Ad. 2. Compose an e-mail with your intended text message in the body. 3. Send the e-mail to the e-mail-to-SMS gateway for their carrier
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How to Read a Text Message Online
You may want to read text messages online for various reason. If you're wanting to save special text messages that were received on your cell phone to the hard drive of your computer or, possibly, you're a concerned parent who wants to track what is... More »
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Yes you can. You can log in to your phone company's website and register for an online account. Once you have an account, you can view your usage by clicking on ...
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While most cell phone carriers do not offer the option of reading your text messages online, some smartphones may have that capability. By using the app called ...
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