Reading Military Time?


You read the AM or morning time normally, but starting at 1; you continue from 12 to 13:00 at 1, 14:00 at 2 for the hours but the minutes remain the same for example 01:25 is 13:25. This continues until mid-night which is 24:00 then we go back to 01:00, 02:00.
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You read all the a.m. times normally. For the p.m. times 1:00 becomes 1300 hours, 2:00 becomes 1400 hours and so forth and so on for the rest of the day. So you basically subtract
1. Know how to pronounce daytime hours. Daytime hours are simple in the 24-hour system. Hours like 0100 to 0900 are pronounced as "Zero one hundred to zero nine hundred. From
If the military time says something like 0100 hours, it means it is exactly 1am. This is because 01 is 1 in the morning, and 00 is the minutes past it. For pm times, such as 1400
1. Understand the military clock. The military clock starts at midnight, known as 0000 hours. This is called "Zero Hundred Hours. Instead of having a twelve-hour clock that resets
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How to Read Military Time
The most widely used method of telling time uses the 12-hour system. With this system, one must use "a.m." or "p.m." to denote whether it is the morning or afternoon. However, by using the 24-hour system, or military time, it is not necessary to use... More »
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18:30 in military time, is 6:30 in the evening. This circles all the way around the clock, and goes from 00:00am, to 23:59pm. ...
2200hours is a military time notation, which is the same as 10 pm in the regular time. The key difference between regular and military time is that the regular ...
In calculating for military time, one of the things you need to understand is that they do not use AM or PM in describing time. They don't start over using the ...
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