Where can you find real baby Bengal tigers for sale?


The best places to find Bengal tiger cubs for sale are on online and in magazine and newspaper ads, as they are not usually available at pet shops. However, Bengal tigers can only be bought and sold in states that allow the trade and ownership of exotic cats. As of 2013, only 20 states allowed the private ownership of exotic cats, with or without licensing and registration.

In 2011, the World Wildlife Fund reported that the eight states that had no laws concerning tiger ownership were Alabama, Idaho, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin. In these states, tigers can be freely owned without any paperwork, and it is relatively easy to buy one. The WWF also reported that 26 states had completely banned the private ownership of tigers.

In states where the ownership of tigers is legal, orange Bengal tiger cubs can be purchased for $300 to $500, while white Bengal tiger cubs cost around $5000. A potential owner needs to consider whether he has enough space to build a suitable habitat for a rapidly growing carnivorous cat. Feeding a big cat 10 to 15 pounds of raw meat a day can cost well over $5000 a year. Though cubs can be partially trained, Bengal tigers are wild animals and can never be depended upon to be completely docile. Many Bengal tiger owners are forced to give the tigers away to animal shelters or to have them put down when the novelty of ownership wears off and the tigers become unmanageable, dangerous, too large and too expensive to keep.

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