Real Culture Example?


Real culture is what an actual culture currently is and the state it is in. An ideal culture is how the majority of people would want it to be. A real culture example would be anything you see around you, more so the negative things, where ideal would be that minus the negative things.
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ideal: waiting till your married to have sex real: most people end up have sex before getting married ideal: after high school you go to college real: most students can't go to college
1. Purchase 6 to 8 ounces of cultured buttermilk for each new quart you make. Be sure the carton says, "active cultures" some dairies kill the cultures during bottling.
In cryptography, Alice and Bob are frequently used as placeholder names as an example of two people trying to send a message to each other. According to Wikipedia, there are several
Some bad examples of popular culture
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Ideal culture is what is generally expected, real culture is how things actually happen. The ideal is that after high school you will go to college. However, the ...
Culture is everywhere, it is all over the world. Culture is on a persons home and heart. Each person was raised with his or her own families cultures. For example ...
There are two types of co-culture's. One type is when two or more cells are grown together as one. Another type is when to cultures cohabitant with each other. ...
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