Real Life Examples of Parallel Lines?


There are several real life examples of parallel lines. They consist of both indoor and outdoor examples. Some examples include railroad tracks, roads, swimming pools, and more.
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Building frame, paper, railroad tracks, and steps are all real
Some examples include the structural frames of buildings, railroad tracks, windows (opposite sides) sailboats, steps, and paper. parallel bars in men's gymnastics. Also anything that
To be honest, I can't come up with any non-joke examples (The Enron Opening" where all your pieces magically turn into queens, or the like) but there are many principles of good
Train tracks (and neighbouring sleepers, too) sides of a building, Venetian blinds, opposite sides of a picture frame, or a rectangular sheet of paper, or a door, or a window, etc
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Skew lines are two lines that don't intersect. These two lines are not parallel, either. Some real life examples of skew lines include a highway overpass or a ...
Perpendicular lines are lines that meet at a right angle. An example of only perpendicular lines in real life is the lines in meeting concrete slabs. ...
A real life example of a parallelogram is a railroad track. A parallelogram is an object that is a four sided plane. It also has opposite sides that are parallel ...
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