Real Life Parabolas?


Real life parabolas are used in in the actual creation is the trajectory of a ball in free flight. Rotating liquid is also another actual life parabola example when mixing up orange juice in a glass by rotating it round its axis. Exhausting reflector in satellite dishes and flashlights is another parabola.
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The reflective surface inside most flashlights is a parabola, with the
some examples of a parabola are: bridges, McDonald's arches, skateboard ramps, satellite dish, smiles . and some more.
Telescope mirrors. Check out newtonian telescope optical designs.
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There are many parabola examples in real life. A parabola is usually used when graphing a quadratic equation. Satellites, flashlights, and even rotating liquid ...
There are many real life examples of a parabola. One example is when you throw a baseball into the sky. the shape of the distance that the baseball traveled is ...
Conic section circles are parabolas, hyperbolas, ellipse and so on. An example of an ellipse is the path of the Earth around the sun. An example of a parabola ...
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